Best Crypto Wallets of 2020

Now a days we all need a quality wallet to keep your digital currency safe. Don’t you think so? Assuming your answer as a yes we thought it would be right to list some of the best crypto wallet which are available for you to download.

Bitcoin is one of those concepts which may seem new to some people but has been around for a long time. Apparently it is one of the many digital currency is that have become fairly common among geeky individuals. Most of the people out there who prefer cryptocurrencies, have you that digital currencies are easier and safer to operate and come with better privacy than traditional currencies. To be honest they are not wrong in any sorts.

Since Bitcoin has a limited supply, it has proven itself to be a great investment opportunity. However, it is our job to tell you that cryptocurrency currencies are still quite risky.

If you understand the risks involved with cryptocurrency and still want to move further then this might be the best article for you as we have enlisted some of the best Bitcoin wallets which you can use in 2020.


crypto wallet

1. Coinbase

If you want to work with something easy then this might be the best wallet available for you. Coinbase is said to be the easiest way to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies these days. With the help of this wallet you can easily connector United States bank account and transfer dollars in and out of your wallet without any hassle whatsoever. The best part is, you can use those dollars to buy Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. However it does have high transaction fees, but it gets overshadowed by it’s strong security track record and easy to use application.

2. Trezor

If you are seeking for a highly secured wallet then Trezor should be on your hit list. But it is it exactly what you think it is. Trezoris a hardware wallet which plugs into your computer or a smartphone. It has a small screen which you can use to manage your secure connection. The current models of this device cancel for $55 to over $500 depending upon the variant you choose. The cheapest version known to mankind is Trezor One which is said to be e a highly secure device that includes multi-factor authentication and has the capability to support more than thousand digital coins.

3. GexPay

Are you looking for something convenient,basic, and the best mobile payment solution? If yes then, do make sure to check out GexPay. This is an artificial intelligence based instant currency exchange platform that tracks all activities conducted throughout the program . It offers high and protection against disruptive activities and cyber crimes. Apparently, GexPay is considered to be a recognisable platform for cryptocurrencies as it holds your digital currency with utmost security at cost effective rates.

4. Ledger

Ledger is known to be a hardware wallet just like Trezor but what sets it apart is its offline availability. It is about the size of a USB flash drive that connects with your phone or computer to store and access your digital currency. Other than that it is quite durable as it is surrounded by stainless steel cover.

It also comes with a Ledger live software that lets you check your balance, send, receive currencies. It supports more than 1200 digital coins and tokens. The only drawback off ledger is its complexity which may set off new users.

5. Robinhood

It was started out as a free stock trading platform and now it has expanded to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Apart from being a wallet, it acts as an exchange which lets you buy and sell currencies. However, it doesn’t let you transfer coins to your Robinhood account with another wallet. you can currently buy, sell, and hold Bitcoins along with 6 other cryptocurrencies with ease.

What sets people off with Robinhoodis its pastand it’s capability to hold limited currencies. You see, Robinhood has experienced a handful of outages in the past which makes this wallet not as reliable as the one we mentioned about but it gets the job done.

Wrap Up

Bitcoin wallets are quite essential for not only Digital currencies but for mobile cashless payments and the ones we mentioned above are proven to be the best in business. So, don’t wait no more and get yourself a crypto wallet now!